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Catholic Social Responsibility

Immaculate Heart Gifts and Media has chosen Culture of Life Apostolate as our CSR (Catholic Social Responsibility), we have decided to assist with their website on a monthly basis aswell as donate our services to their cause. below is a brief description of who and what the Culture of Life Apostolate is all about.


The Culture of Life Apostolate has been set up in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, in response to the Archbishop’s appeal to assist him with counteracting the problem of abortion, to defend and serve human life from conception to natural death, in accordance with the teachings of the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Aims And Objectives

At Present, we have two Pregnancy Crisis Homes, our home in the West Rand Area accommodates expectant mothers aged 19 years and older, while our Far East Rand home, accommodates young expectant girls, aged 18 years and younger. The shelters will be open to receive mothers who are experiencing a pregnancy crisis and who will prefer to keep their unborn children rather than terminate their pregnancy.

The shelters, will offer stressed and traumatised pregnant mothers, who would otherwise terminate their pregnancy, with the emotional, spiritual and material support necessary. In a supportive environment the shelters will provide the opportunity to choose and embrace new life for both the mothers and their newborn children.

 Our aim is to empower these women and thereby promote their overall wellbeing. The shelters will offer all mothers a stay that is life-giving and fruitful and that leaves the mothers with a more meaningful and positive perspective on living life.Should mothers choose not to care for their newborn, the homes will be linked to children’s homes, foster agencies and adoption societies, thereby ensuring that the new life be brought up in a world free from abuse.

The organization will provide:

  • Food and shelter to the mothers in distress.
  • Professional services such as social work and medical services.
  • Skills training
  • Caring support

Admission Criteria

Culture of Life Apostolate, mother shelters, will take in pregnant mothers who:

  • are victims of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or abandonment
  • are victims of physical and emotional neglect
  • are destitute


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